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University based student preparation and supporting students with disability and dyslexia

Prior to each placement students will receive university based placement preparation, which will support their preparation and understanding of the level and their responsibility on the practice placement. In addition to this annual mandatory training will include:

  • Manual handling
  • Basic life support
  • Infection Control/hand hygiene
  • Information governance
  • Conflict management/de-escalation skills

Disabled Students

LSBU will inform practice educators of a student’s disability with the student's consent. Reasonable adjustments will have been identified with the student with the support from their personal tutor and the practice placements team. It is important to discuss this with the student at the pre-placement visit or in their first week of placement so that reasonable adjustments can be made for the student.

There is additionally a really useful resource for supporting dyslexic students on placements available on the Southampton University Website.

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