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Student attendance and absence

Students are expected to work between 32-35 hours per week depending on the placement setting and work hours.
During Clinical Placement each student should ensure that he/she is acquainted with the normal hours of work in the placement setting and attends regularly and punctually. A log of hours kept on a daily basis and countersigned weekly is advised. The weekly totals can then be easily assembled at the end of the placement for inclusion in the clinical assessment form.

Absence from Practice Placement

Students should inform the clinical educator and either the clinical co-ordinator or university course administrator at the earliest opportunity if, for any reason, they are not able to attend placement. Any extended period of absence should also be reported to both as soon as possible. Evidence of the reasons for the absence will be required for presentation to the University Exam Board should mitigating circumstances be applied for.


Students are required to notify their clinical educators as soon as possible in the event of sickness. University staff should also be notified i.e. the member of the physiotherapy team designated to visit (if appropriate) and the course administrator. Medical certificates should be produced to the course administrator.

Annual leave

Annual leave cannot normally be taken while engaged in the Clinical Placement. The published dates for clinical placements are part of the university academic calendar and cannot therefore be modified or changed except under exceptional circumstances.

If either the student or the Practice Educator has any concerns about the student’s health or fitness to practice, the clinical co-ordinator should be contacted as soon as possible for guidance.


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