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Standards for practice education

The standards for practice education are informed by:
  • Professional Codes of Conduct for Ethical and Professional Behaviour.
  • HCPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for Students.
  • Placement Agreement.
  • QAA Code of Practice for Placement Learning.
  • HCPC Standards of Education and Training.
  • College of Occupational Therapists Pre-registration Education Standards.

Standards for practice education are audited on a five yearly cycle through an organisational audit as well as an annual cycle through a practice educator audit.

The Placement Agreement

The placement agreement between the University and the placement provider makes explicit the roles and responsibilities of both the education provider, i.e. University, and the placement provider (PP) defined as all organisations providing practice learning experiences for students on health care programmes funded by the Department of Health. It is a generic document used in all universities in London for all placement providers both NHS (full document) and non NHS providers or out of London NHS providers (short document).
The responsibilities relate to facilitation and assessment of practice learning. This includes the placement providers’ participation in university processes for recruitment and selection, curriculum development, and supporting student learning. The university’s responsibilities include preparing students’ for practice learning and undertaking checks prior to practice placements. Joint responsibilities relate to management of untoward incidents and student behaviour. All new placement providers will be asked to sign the document prior to students commencing placements.

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