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Welcome to the mentors for nursing students support site

About us

This website is designed for practice staff that support nursing students from London South Bank University. Practice support is a key component of delivering courses for nurses therefore a high priority for the School. Practice accounts for 50% of all courses leading to registration as a nurse. The School has a large number of placement opportunities which cover all fields of nursing.

The information in the website is to support mentors and others supervising students learning in practice. The requirements for mentoring students are stipulated by the NMC in The Standards to support student learning and assessing in practice (NMC 2008). There is information about the programmes students are studying and examples of their practice learning and assessment portfolios. There is also guidance about assessing students and support for mentors during this process. 

Ensuring quality learning environments for students is an important part of the partnership between the School of Health and Social Care and our practice placement providers and there is information about these procedures.  

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Being a Mentor

Following the NMC's (2008) Standards to support learning and assessment in practice, each student will be allocated a minimum of one mentor, prior to commencement of their practice learning opportunity, who has the necessary skills and experience to support the student. Mentors will usually be registered nurses from the same field of practice as the student. However, in some practice learning opportunities the students’ learning may be supervised by staff from other professional groups who have been suitably prepared or mentors from another field of nursing. A nurse mentor will always be involved to oversee the process and overall will be responsible and accountable for decisions made.

The mentor will be responsible for providing support for the duration of the student's practice learning experience and will liaise with the student's personal tutor and link lecturer regarding progress and continuous assessment. The mentor will ensure supervision of the student while giving care, directly or indirectly, and be available to them for at least 40% of the time.
Mentors will meet the NMC (2008) criteria, competence and outcomes. Current registers of Mentors are maintained by the practice learning area providers. Mentors who are dealing with a student who is causing concern will seek advice from a sign-off mentor, practice educator or link lecturer.
 The Mentor is responsible and accountable for:
  • Organising and co-ordinating student learning activities in practice.
  • Setting and monitoring achievement of realistic learning outcomes.
  • Supervising students in learning situations and providing them with constructive feedback on their achievements.
  • Assessing total performance - including skills, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Providing evidence as required by programme provider of student achievement or lack of achievement.
  • Liaising with others (e.g. mentors, practice facilitators, practice teachers, personal tutors, link lecturers, course directors) to provide feedback, identify any concerns about the student's performance and agree action as appropriate.
  • Providing evidence for, or acting as, sign-off mentors with regard to making decisions about achievement of competency at the end of the programme.
All students in their final period of practice will be allocated a sign-off mentor registered on the same part of the register as they are studying under. Sign-off mentors will be allocated to students in their final practice learning period and will meet the additional criteria. They will, as well as meeting the usual supervision levels, have an hour of protected time with the student on a weekly basis. Documentation of this is included in the students’ Practice Learning and Assessment Portfolio. The sign-off mentor is responsible for confirming that the student has successfully completed all practice requirements and they will sign to confirm this in the student's on-going record of achievement. The sign off mentor will have access to a record of all the student’s previous practice learning opportunities.

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There are 2 academics within the School of Health and Social Care at LSBU that lead on placement/practice learning opportunities across all disciplines:
Joady Mitchell
Associate Professor Practice Learning
Location: Southwark campus, K2 building, Room V502
Direct Line: 020 7815 8457

Yvonne Halpin
Senior Lecturer (Practice Learning)
Location: Southwark campus, K2 building, Room V505
Direct Line: 020 7815 8413

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