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Roles and responsibilities: Home

Roles and responsibilities

The Clinical Co-ordinator 

The Practice Placement Co-ordinator is based at LSBU and is responsible for:

• Liaising with PMP regarding all matters relating to clinical placements
• Allocation of placements
• Ensuring that the students have the relevant information from PMP for their placement
• Ensuring that the students receive information available to the university from the placement provider
• Co-ordinating student feedback and evaluation
• Co-ordinating visiting tutors
• Acting as a link between university, PMP and placement providers
• Ensuring that the student is accredited in manual handling and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation for the duration of the placement

The Clinical Educator

Students will have a specified clinical educator to supervise them on each practice placement undertaken throughout the BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy programme. The practice educator will normally be a senior physiotherapist who has undertaken a programme of professional education to appropriate to this role. The responsibilities of the practice educator are:

• Be available (or designate a deputy) throughout the entire placement for consultation by the student
• Familiarise the students with the working environment and introduce them to colleagues
• Act as a professional role model
• Give the student the opportunity to observe/work alongside senior physiotherapists/other allied health professionals
• Be responsible for the day-to-day organisation of the practice placement experience, liaising with the University with regard to practical arrangements and academic requirements
• Assist the students in gaining access to the appropriate resources to fulfil the requirements of the unit and clinical placement experience
• Be responsible for supporting students through the planned programme of learning
• Be responsible for enabling the students to formulate and address learning objectives to correlate with the unit requirements
• Engage students in reflective analysis, debate and discussion about practice and to facilitate students' learning from the Clinical Placement experience
• Take responsibility for evaluating the student's performance and his or her professional competence and for encouraging the student's self-evaluation
• Provide regular formative feedback on performance
• Complete and discuss the mid-way placement assessment record with the student and agree a strategy to enhance the student’s performance where appropriate
• Complete and discuss for the final placement assessment and identify in writing any areas of specific concern
• Inform the student and university, as soon as possible, if the student is in danger of failing the placement

The expectation of London South Bank University is that clinical educators will:

• Operate in accordance within the CSP rules of professional conduct
• Have support in their role as a practice educator from their line manager and engage  in aspects of CPD that addresses their role as an educator
• Have undertaken a clinical educator’s course. This may have been offered by a University other than LSBU within the PMP system.

The Student

The students will work closely with their clinical educator in formulating their learning outcomes, aims and objectives throughout their placement. The students have a responsibility to:

• Inform the clinical educator of any health-related matters which might affect their work with patients, carers or colleagues
• Prepare for the placement by ensuring that uniform requirements can be met and by undertaking any pre-placement reading or other preparation required by the clinical educator
• Negotiate with the clinical educator to determine a learning contract or objectives for the practice placement
• Operate in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct (CSP, 2010)
• Adhere to the rules, policies and procedures of the clinical placement setting whilst on placement
• Complete any work mutually agreed with the clinical educator
• Participate actively in the evaluation of their own performance and behaviour during clinical placement
• Notify the University staff without delay of any untoward incident or circumstance which may affect their progress during the clinical placement experience or their satisfactory completion of the placement
• Ensure that a log of hours completed during clinical placement is kept and that entries are signed by clinical educators
• Discuss the mid-way placement assessment record with the clinical educator and agree a strategy to enhance their  performance where appropriate
• Discuss the final placement assessment with the clinical educator and record any points of concern
• Sign the final assessment form unless there is disagreement between the clinical educator and student. Copy and return the original to the University by the deadline set.
• Complete an on-line clinical placement evaluation form

Prior to the placement the students should:

• Familiarise themselves with the assessment procedures
• Review appropriate course work
• Identify learning outcomes from prior placements
• Contact the placement educator

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