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Research and articles for Social Work: Home

Research and articles:

The following research articles may be of use to inform your practice and as a mentor of our Social Work students:

  • Cartney, P. (2000). Adult learning styles: implications for practice teaching in social work. Social Work Education, 19(6), 609-626. DOI:
  • Davies, J., & Wright, J. (2008). Children's Voices: A Review of the Literature Pertinent to Looked‐After Children's Views of Mental Health Services. Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 13(1), 26-31. DOI:  
  • Ford, P., Johnston, B., Brumfit, C., Mitchell, R., & Myles, F. (2005). Practice Learning and the Development of Students as Critical Practitioners—Some Findings from Research. Social work education, 24(4), 391-407. DOI:
  • Goodyer, A. (2007). Teaching qualifying social workers skills for direct work with children. Social Work Education, 26(7), 737-740. DOI:
  • Heron, G. (2006). Critical thinking in social care and social work: Searching student assignments for the evidence. Social Work Education, 25(3), 209-224. DOI:
  • Lam, C. M., Wong, H., & Leung, T. T. F. (2007). An unfinished reflexive journey: Social work students’ reflection on their placement experiences. British Journal of Social Work, 37(1), 91-105. DOI:
  • Lawler, J. (2007). Leadership in social work: a case of caveat emptor?. British Journal of Social Work, 37(1), 123-141.
  • Lefevre, M. (2005). Facilitating practice learning and assessment: The influence of relationship. Social Work Education, 24(5), 565-583.
  • MacIntyre, G., Lister, P. G., Orme, J., Crisp, B. R., Manthorpe, J., Hussein, S., Moriarty, J., Martin, S., & Sharpe, E. (2011). Using vignettes to evaluate the outcomes of student learning: data from the evaluation of the new social work degree in England. Social Work Education, 30 (2) DOI:
  • Manley, K., & Garbett, R. (2000). Paying Peter and Paul: reconciling concepts of expertise with competency for a clinical career structure. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 9(3), 347-359. DOI:
  • Rolfe, G. (1997). Beyond expertise: theory, practice and the reflexive practitioner. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 6(2), 93-97. DOI:
  • Taylor, C., & White, S. (2006). Knowledge and reasoning in social work: Educating for humane judgement. British Journal of Social Work, 36(6), 937-954. DOI:  
  • Tsien, T. B., & Tsui, M. S. (2007). A participative learning and teaching model: The partnership of students and teachers in practice teaching. Social work education, 26(4), 348-358. DOI:  
  • Ward, H., & Scott, J. (Eds.). (2005). Safeguarding and promoting the well-being of children, families and communities. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Available on Google Books 















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