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Rationale for practice placements

Practice education is an integral and significant component of the total curriculum that enables students to demonstrate and achieve competence. It forms an indispensable part of the learning process. Learning gained in practice settings is vital to the students’ educational and professional development. Experience gained enables the acquisition of new knowledge and skills as well as the application, consolidation and reflection upon the learning gained in the university environment. The aims of practice experience are to:

  • Prepare students who are fit for practice, purpose and award on eligibility for registration
  • Provide relevant experience of a range of health care and social care settings and diversity of client/patient needs
  • Enable students to meet the requirements from the HCPC and professional bodies
  • Facilitate integration within the AHP disciplines of both theory and practice
  • Facilitate inter-professional learning in practice

The provision includes a large number of geographically diverse practice learning experiences. Occupational Therapy students may have the opportunity to gain experience in the following settings:

  • Acute and Foundation Trusts
  • Primary Care Providers
  • Social Services
  • Tertiary Specialist Centres
  • Voluntary Sector

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