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Pre-placement information

Clinical educators are requested to prepare and provide students, where possible prior to the placement, information about the placement and expectations of students. Such information may include:

• Map and directions to workplace
• Accommodation information where necessary
• Special requirements for accessing the placement (e.g. use of car)
• Normal hours of work
• Special demands which may be made of students (e.g. 7 day working, evening work)
• Uniform requirements
• Organisational and management structure
• Skills/expertise of staff in post
• Learning opportunities available to students
• Information which the student should supply
• Pre-placement reading

Electronic information from providers is available to the students on the website  password PMP95plp

Before commencing the clinical placement, students will have a pre-clinical session at London South Bank University lead by a member of the physiotherapy team. The aim of this session is to introduce and familiarise the student with the clinical setting, discuss possible case scenario’s and objectives, highlight any concerns the students may have and identify any pre-placement reading material and preparation required. 


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