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Placement induction, objective setting and supervision

In accordance with Health and Safety legislation (1990), clinical educators must ensure students on clinical placement are given an appropriate induction to the clinical environment including a contact person in case of emergencies and details of the emergency procedures. Students must also be made aware of the relevant policies and procedures. On completion of this induction, the clinical educator must sign the clinical assessment form.

In the first week of the placement the student and clinical educator are expected to negotiate the way in which specific learning outcomes for the placement are to be met in the local clinical setting. The objectives should be subject to regular review and revision in the light of students' changing needs and evidence of their professional development. The learning outcomes should be SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound) and are recorded on the placement assessment form. Students will be encouraged to maintain evidence of their experiences of clinical practice using the CSP portfolio guide.

It is suggested that clinical educators should set aside time on a regular basis to review the student's performance and progress. The student is expected to take an active part in supervision by reflecting on their performance and identifying strengths, limitations and needs.

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