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WELCOME to the site for Practice Physiotherapy.

About Us

This website is designed for clinical co-ordinators and clinical educators that support physiotherapy students from London South Bank University on placement.

Practice education is an integral and significant component of the total Physiotherapy curriculum that enables students to demonstrate and achieve competence. It forms an indispensable part of the learning process. Learning gained in practice settings is vital to the students’ educational and professional development. Experience gained through practice enables the acquisition of new knowledge and skills as well as the application, consolidation and reflection upon the learning gained in the university environment. The purpose of practice is for students to integrate knowledge, professional reasoning and professional behavior within practice and to develop skills and attitudes to a new graduate level. All Practice Placements are compulsory for students and must be passed for a student to qualify as a practitioner and to be eligible to apply for registration with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Training and support is provided to clinical educators via our annual clinical educator study days – both experienced and new clinical educators are welcome to attend. For alternative dates please see the placement management partnership website


This website is designed for clinical co-ordinators and clinical educators that support physiotherapy students from London South Bank University on placement.

The Mentor is responsible and accountable for:
Prepare students who are fit for practice, purpose, award and eligible to apply for registration Provide relevant experience of a range of health and/or social care settings and diversity of service user needs Enable students to meet the requirements of the HCPC and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Facilitate development of the student’s professional role identity, autonomy, accountability and resilience Facilitate professional and personal responsibility for life-long learning Facilitate integration within the AHP disciplines of both theory and practice Facilitate inter-professional learning in practice Providing evidence for, or acting as, sign-off mentors with regard to making decisions about achievement of competency at the end of the programme.

All students in their final period of practice will be allocated a sign-off mentor registered on the same part of the register as they are studying under. Sign-off mentors will be allocated to students in their final practice learning period and will meet the additional criteria. They will, as well as meeting the usual supervision levels, have an hour of protected time with the student on a weekly basis. Documentation of this is included in the students’ Practice Learning and Assessment Portfolio. The sign-off mentor is responsible for confirming that the student has successfully completed all practice requirements and they will sign to confirm this in the student's on-going record of achievement. The sign off mentor will have access to a record of all the student’s previous practice learning opportunities. The standards for Practice Education are informed by: Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) Code of members Professional Values and Behaviours (2011) HCPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for Students HCPC Standards of Education and Training Professional body pre-registration education standards Practice Placement Standards

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Senior Lecturer (School of Health and Social Care - Allied Health Sciences)
Location: 103 Borough Road, SE1 0AA, Room K2-V603
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