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Making an offer
All placements are offered through the Placement Management Partnership system.

Placement Management Partnership

Since September 2011 a Placement Management Partnership (PMP) has managed and organised placements for students through a centralised system. This is a joint venture between 10 participating universities and is run by Tribal group. Each professional group will liaise with a dedicated support team so placement providers will have a single point of contact for offering placements, and responding to placement requests. The PMP also manages feedback and student evaluations of their placement experience. Specific student issues will still be managed with the usual professional contact at the university. On line training is being given to both universities and placement providers by Tribal group.

More information is available on the PMP support site

You can contact a member of the support team for more information on how to make an offer or to obtain log in details by emailing PMP
If you already have log in details, you can access the PMP website


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