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The Integrated Masters in Chiropractic is the first chiropractic degree course to be developed and undergo validation by the General Council of Chiropractors (GCC) in London.

As the first new degree programme to be developed in the UK for over 15 years it is generating a lot of interest and excitement in the chiropractic sector, not least because the course will sit in the diverse and vibrant Allied Health Science Department within the School for Health and Social Care. This will give student the unique opportunity of studying alongside and with other musculoskeletal professionals (Physiotherapy and Sport rehabilitation) as well as a broad range of health care professionals. They will also be placed in the centre of London for their study

There will be an in-house Chiropractic Clinic developed within the University that will be accessible to staff, students and the local population.


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Jackie Wilkinson
Associate Professor (Course Development)
Location: 103 Borough Road, London SE1 OAA
Direct Line: (0)20 7815 8368