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DBS and Occupational Health clearance


All students will be cleared through the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) and through Occupational Health before they are fully enrolled on the programme and prior to their first practice placement.  They will be required to complete a self-declaration regarding health and criminal convictions before each practice placement, as well as update manual handling and conflict management and de-escalation skills training at the start of each academic year.


All students are cleared though the London South Bank Occupational Health service; this includes health screening and immunisation schedules, including Hepatitis B. Students will be provided with a record of the immunisation schedule for the use of Practice Placement Occupational Health Departments if required.


Practice Educators’ Responsibilities:


It is expected that services who have signed the placement agreement are aware of Part B, 1.6. of this agreement which states that the placement provider will accept as valid the DBS checks and occupational health checks carried out by the Institution.


Student Responsibilities:


     That they have a responsibility to maintain their own health whilst on the course and during practice placement.


     To recognise that any failure on their part to maintain their health, or any failure to inform relevant personnel about health related matters of significance, may result in harm being caused to themselves and/or to others.


     Although not an exhaustive list, health related matters which students are encouraged to bring to the attention of their practice educator include back problems, fits, diabetes and sensory problems.


     That prior to undertaking any practice placement they have a responsibility to ensure that they have current protection against: TB, Hepatitis B, Polio, Tetanus, Chicken Pox, Measles Mumps and Rubella.


     Keep records of clearance through the DBS and Occupational Health Department, and provide these records on request.


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